Allegations Surrounding Student Body VP Jaren Stewart -Zachary Faria

Student Body Vice President Jaren Stewart, photo from the CUSG website

According to a document recently obtained by FITSNews, student body Vice President Jaren Stewart faced several allegations last semester in the April of 2017 which led to him being terminated from his position as a resident assistant as well as escorted out of the residence hall.

Three separate allegations were detailed in the article from the “Incident Reporting Form”. The first was that Stewart entered into the room of two female residents without their permission. Whether they were in the room or not, Stewart allegedly would take their food, cleaning supplies, and their vacuum, and would leave the room covered in dirt and grass when entering after rugby matches. Despite being asked to no longer enter the room without permission, the behavior continued through the fall and spring semesters.

The second allegation was that Stewart would enter the same room while the two female residents were changing clothes and would not remove himself from the room when asked to leave. The document suggests that this was also a recurring event.

The final allegation stemmed from an April  undergraduate student senate meeting, where a resident undergraduate student government senator voted against a piece of legislation that Stewart had supported. According to the document he confronted the resident after the meeting and told her, “you shouldn’t vote against things you do not know anything about.” The incident report also stated, “It was reported that she felt intimidated by his response.”

When reached out to by the Tiger Town Observer for comments on the accuracy of the document and how it was obtained, Will Folks from FITSNews claimed that he had “multiple sources” in the Clemson Administration and student body who confirmed the accuracy of the document. Speaking to the TTO on the condition of anonymity, another resident assistant(RA) attested to the accuracy of the events reported in the document as well as to the legitimacy of the document itself. This same RA also confirmed to the TTO that Stewart was escorted out of the residence hall and was terminated from his position. The RA also pointed out that the document was consistent with the criteria for the Office of Community and Ethical Standards'(OCES) incident form.

“Incident Report” released by FITSNews containing the allegations against VP Jaren Stewart

The document listed the urgency level as “critical”, the higher of the two options available on the OCES incident reporting form. According to the RA, “critical” incidents call for a greater level of diligence in the handling of the affiar. The RA claimed the urgency of the report can be reflected in the immediate escort of the Student Body VP out of the residence hall. OCES itself was unable to comment on the document’s authenticity.

The document was routed to Mary Montgomery, the Assistant Director of Residential Community Standards, and copies were sent to Executive Director of Housing and Dining Kathy Hobgood and Director of Residential Living Dr. Leasa Evinger, among others. Dr. Evinger later advised Community Director Talley to meet and confirm the information with the complainants who, “were able to confirm that the above information was true.”

According to Housing and Dining, resident assistants are subject to a progressive discipline system with four levels of discipline, the most severe of which being termination. Terminable offenses include the misuse of access or information privileges, major violations of either the Student Code of Conduct or Housing Contract, and actions that “no longer allow RAs to be seen as a role model in the community.”

The Tiger Town Observer reached out to Student Body Vice President Jaren Stewart who declined to comment.

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