CUSG Passes Tillman/Calhoun Name Change Resolutions – Zachary Faria

            CUSG voted on Monday night to pass both renaming resolutions introduced last week. Both the resolution to support renaming the Calhoun Honors College and the resolution to support the necessary actions to rename Tillman Hall passed with an overwhelming majority of the body by voice vote.

While it is impossible to know how many senators abstained from either vote, only a handful voted against either resolution. The debate over the Calhoun resolution lasted only 27 minutes, and debate over Tillman lasted 50 minutes.

After only two speeches on the Calhoun resolution, a motion was made to go to a vote. CUSG Vice President Logan Young objected, stating that the resolution addressed an important issue and should be debated more thoroughly. Her objection failed, but so did the motion to vote, ensuring that debate went on. In all 13 senators spoke on the resolution.

The Tillman resolution had a much more contentious debate, with 18 total floor speeches. At one point Senator Banner Brock spoke in opposition of the bill stating that he “just wanted to give people the freedom to say ‘no’,” and worrying that the arguments had gotten too personal and were forcing senators to vote with their backs against the wall. “In senate we boldly address controversial topics and often with thoughtfulness and thorough research. This is something to be proud of and for others to emulate,” Brock told the TTO, “However, I want to preserve the equality of respect given to both sides of any matter, particularly one as touchy as the Tillman resolution (SR08). No one should feel forced into a corner as though they are an immoral person for voting one way or another on a controversial [piece of] legislation.”

The student petition to rename the Calhoun Honors College had reached 267 signatures as of Monday morning, including around 20% of Honors College students. Because the Honors College is a program, it is not subject to relevant South Carolina law regarding renaming. Tillman Hall is protected by section 10-1-165 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, which states that, “No street, bridge, structure, park, preserve, reserve, or other public area of the State or any of its political subdivisions dedicated in memory of or named for any historic figure or historic event may be renamed or rededicated.” Amending this section requires a two-thirds vote of both houses of the state legislature.

CUSG’s “legitimacy crisis” was constantly referenced throughout the night. The notion that CUSG had a legitimacy crisis originated around the impeachment trial of Jaren Stewart in November of 2017, and has constantly been referred to on the senate floor whenever senators are debating a resolution some may claim has no tangible effect on Clemson students. One senator also referenced the recent CUSG presidential write-in campaign of senior Jon Walsh, which was designed to mock CUSG’s effectiveness. Walsh’s campaign slogan was “Finding out what CUSG does, one vote at a time.”

The TTO reached out to Senator Jay Sridharan for comment on the passage of legislation. Sridharan stated he would draft a joint statement with his committee over the passage of SR 07 and would issue his own statement on the passage of SR 08. This article will be updated with those statements once they are received.


The Inclusion and Equity committee released the following statement to the TTO in response to the passing of SR 07:

“The motivation behind Senate Resolution 07 began outside of CUSG. Students within the Calhoun Honors College began a petition to support the renaming of our Honors Program, and then approached our committee for continued support. In due process of renaming a program here at Clemson, the Provost’s Office needs to be informed. With how Senate Resolution 07 will be processed and distributed, it will directly see the Provost’s desk and many other members of the Executive Leadership Team’s offices. This expedites the process, and as student leaders, it is our duty to support those who we represent for the betterment of the university in any way that we can.”


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