What To Expect From CUSG -Samuel Thompson

After a busy beginning to the 2017-2018 term in April, in which Clemson University’s Student Government finalized the fiscal year budget, approved emergency spending, and passed a controversial resolution to establish a LGBTQIA+ “resource center” on campus. The 2017-2018 student government will return to normal operation in the coming weeks and members of CUSG are already preparing to resume their duties with high hopes.

When asked about his vision for CUSG for the upcoming year, Leland Dunwoodie, current President of the Undergraduate Student Senate, emphasized initiative from Senators.  “I’d love to see Senate move in a more project-based direction,” Dunwoodie said.  “We are here to better the Clemson experience for students. I’m excited to collaborate with administrators and all of CUSG to focus our efforts on student-based initiatives while maintaining our history of effective funding approvals.”  The Senate President also stressed efficient operation; all-too-often, Senate has passed legislation and sent it to administrators only to find that it was already in progress or not possible at the time.  Under a new legislative model, Dunwoodie advertises, “we draft legislation and meet with relevant administrators and student groups to discuss the matter. Once administrators and students are satisfied with the draft, the legislation is presented at Senate with relevant administrators and student groups in attendance to answer questions. Therefore, if the legislation is passed, Senators, administrators, and student groups have been collaborating for quite some time and have a clear future direction.”

Joseph Whitaker, occupying the newly-created position of “LGBTQIA+ Engagement Director”, central to Student Body President Killian McDonald’s platform, highlighted communication as essential to CUSG’s future success.  “My main goal is to listen and fulfill the needs of the Clemson students whom I represent,” Whitaker stated, “A goal I keep hearing is to bridge the branches of CUSG so that we are all working together for the Clemson students. I completely agree, thus I intend on ensuring an open dialogue with all members of CUSG so we can all help one another in making Clemson’s next year the best yet.”  Emma Hume, newly appointed Chief-of-Staff, also hopes for more effective communication between all branches of CUSG and administrators.

When asked about her vision for the coming year, Hume stated, “My vision for CUSG and the broader campus in general is to strengthen communication and unity by working for a common purpose. Different leaders within CUSG and across campus are working on exciting projects that should engage a wide variety of students. . . I hope to see some progress made towards the development of more regular meetings with administrative and student leaders.” TTO also reached out to the Student Body President, Vice President, and Attorney General, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


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