Social “Justice” at Evergreen College -Jack Timmerman

The state of “social justice” on college campuses has reached a boiling point. Professors encouraging students to take to the streets and protest the very institution that facilitates their ability to do so has hindered social progress. The result is the creation of the very thing they are claiming to fight. So lets take a look at who was involved, how this happened, and why Evergreen College should have heeded the warnings that anyone right of the extreme leftists has been shouting for the past few years.

For the many of us who don’t know, Evergreen State College is located in Olympia, Washington, and was formed in 1967 as an experimental and “non-traditional” college. The conflict arose when a “Day of Absence” was scheduled for April 12 and April 14. Similar to the “Day Without Immigrants” and “Day Without Women”, it was a social-justice approach at addressing the “oppression” that women and minority groups face on a day-to-day basis. The difference was that Caucasians were asked to be absent, and the option was not voluntary, but mandatory. The day happened, and not much was heard about it until a month later.

Video footage and testimony that has now caught fire with social media has shown that professors and students who chose “not to participate” were hounded with accusations of being racists, along with the long line of other slurs typical in the vocabulary of “social-justice” students. Their offense was simply being there. Biology Professor Bret Weinstein, a Progressive leaning professor, expressed his disagreement with the day of absence in an email to Rashida Love, the Director of Multicultural advising services. In his email, he highlighted the dichotomy between a voluntary day of absence and what was actually happening (asking certain ethnic groups to leave), calling it “an act of oppression in and of itself”:

The email pictured above, though uncontroversial and a justified concern, is what students are using as grounds to fire him, along with other faculty members who didn’t participate. Groups of twenty to fifty students have confronted various professors and students of the university who opposed the day of absence, cornering and chanting how “racists” “have got to go”. Hey hey, ho ho indeed. There was no civil dialogue, no solutions provided, and no narrative to suggest that the protesters want anything other than their absurd and nebulous demands to be met. Some of which will be harder to meet, because the changes they’re fighting for cost money, and the parasitic nature of these protests is making it harder for universities to raise money.

This is a common theme among far-left populations at universities. Students in programs such as Sociology, Women’s studies, and Feminist Literature are being told to go out and partake in protests, which either amount to progressive echo chambers that accomplish nothing, or thousands of dollars in property damage and assaults on people they wrongfully consider to be Nazis. . Ironic, since the banning of “harmful ideas”, discrimination based on race, and calls to revoke basic human rights is coming from their side. A lot of them would probably find themselves agreeing with the infamous “Mein Kampfe” if you replaced “Jews” with “White people”. It just goes to show that employing the tactics of your enemy will result in you becoming them. Why, now in this day in age, do the heads of these institutions think it’s a good idea to cave into absurd demands that segregate based on race?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience a bit of Schadenfreude by seeing these movements cannibalizing themselves, but seeing more and more institutions of so-called “higher learning” collapsing in on themselves does nobody any good. It’s time for the heads of these universities to stop governing based on the hysterical screams of social justice, and instead listen to reason. The negative impact of social justice initiatives is non-productive, and often results in lower future enrollment, as seen in schools like Mizzou. Public funding gets revoked, since taxpayers don’t appreciate their money being used to dismantle the society they work to uphold. Alumni are embarrassed of what their schools have become, and quit donating. Money talks—if you don’t believe it, steps have already been taken in the state of Washington to see that Evergreen gets defunded. If anything can be learned from what has happened, it’s that social justice is a cancer to society that preys on people’s good intentions. It provides nothing good to society, and needs to be stamped out before more social justice crises occur at any more public institutes of learning.


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