We Won’t Take Your Class: An Open Letter to Chenjerai Kumanyika

Dear Chenjerai Kumanyika,

I was troubled by the condescending tone of your letter to Coach Dabo Swinney, so I felt it was only fair to respond in kind, although I don’t think I can live up to your expectations.

I’m a student at Clemson. We met briefly at the Sikes Sit-In, where you compared my student government campaign poster imagery to Dylan Roof, the Charleston shooter.

I’ve listened to you before though, when you implied I was a despicable racist on social media for daring to hold a legal rifle and U.S. Constitution on private property in front of an American Flag. You never reached out to me once. I wanted to share some impressions.


I cringed when you, a non-Muslim, wore a traditional, Islamic head scarf to the Donald Trump rally last year. Talk about cultural appropriation. Given your status as a professor at Clemson, the selective video editing to make it appear as if you were being removed for “your religion” is staggering and troubling.

To your credit though, your “test of our rights to practice the democratic process”, was well-intentioned as you nobly blocked the view of those sitting behind you, a statement of solidarity for groups that sometimes feel marginalized by campaign rhetoric.

You acknowledged that you don’t think that ALL Trump supporters are bigoted, and you merely wanted to start a conversation about equality for all. For a moment there, although you attempted to use me as political fodder to further your narrative of a “racist, backwoods Clemson,” I felt tempted to take one of your classes.

But then I read your “Rate My Professor profile.”

Dr. Kumanyika, I really wish I hadn’t done that.

In your Rate My Professor profile, you have an overall quality score of 1.8 out of 5. One student opines that you’re the “Worst professor I have ever had.” Grading is described as “unnecessarily tough and completely arbitrary” and your classroom habits include “cutting students off before they can finish a sentence, which scares most students into silence.” As a communications professor, I was very surprised to see one student say “Also never answers emails.” I thought that came with the territory.

The two comments that stuck with me were “Terrible. Worst class ever. Very condescending.” and “inside the classroom it’s as if he finds joy in making you feel stupid.” Perhaps you should take some of this feedback to heart.

Your open letter to Dabo indicated that much of this student criticism is true. At the Sikes Sit-In, you talked to me about compassion, yet the level of condescension in your writing is unbearable. Clearly, you are highly educated on the writings of MLK, by all accounts, a truly compassionate individual, but opt for an economic rant on class warfare instead of highlighting wisdom such as, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


I’ll say that after a cursory glance at your twitter, I know you’re not a Communist now! You’re merely a self-described “anarcho-socialist.” Now I know why your statements against Dabo conjure up images of Capitalists in monocles and orange top-hats, suppressing the Clemson proletariat.

Although I’m sure President Nicolás Maduro would smile at your teachings, how exactly are the policies you’re advocating for working out in Venezuela? This is a country with a year round growing season and the largest oil reserves in the world.  Crippling food shortages, arbitrary seizure of private businesses, and enslaving citizens to work farms are all things we can look forward to in your coming socialist utopia.

What better way to get your name and ideology out there than by condescendingly attacking perhaps the most genuine coach in college football? You’ve ridiculed the name of an incredible man, dearly loved by the Clemson community.

The rest of your letter lays the amalgamation of our nation’s problems at the feet of a college football coach, including, but not limited to, murder, unemployment, and the exploitation of prison laborers. Perhaps you should take these concerns up with the socialists currently running our country.

Now we all know that $55 million is a large chunk of cash for a football facility. As an anarcho-socialist, I know it’s tempting to redistribute the wealth, but not so fast! Currently, Clemson students do not fund Clemson football directly with their tuition. I realize this fact is disappointing, given that you teach the morals of taking other people’s money every day. Redistributing money from private IPTAY donations, ticket sales, and merchandise is not only immoral, but a temporary solution.


You go on to describe the lack of a day care center and treatment of Clemson’s international graduate students as “injustice.” Plans for a day care center at Clemson University were officially put in motion last year. Your explanation for how poorly our international graduate students are treated is nonexistent.

In addition, the affirmative-action style enrollment processes you’re asking for are insulting to the intelligence of African-Americans across the nation. Race has nothing to do with intellect and shouldn’t appear on college admissions packets, period. These policies are unconstitutional, violating the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

You say that you’re tired of hearing you’re divisive and go on to call Coach Swinney a “stumbling block.” The problem is, you are divisive. Your self-promoting antics aren’t furthering noble visions of equality; instead they’re driving people further apart. The kind of injustices you’re speaking about could only be generated from the ivory towers of extremist, far-left academia.

Describing Dabo as “a white man who makes somewhere in the area of $5 million a year from the physical labor and bodily risk of unpaid black athletes” is not only disingenuous, it’s insulting to his legacy. You say, “Coach Swinney, I know that you are not racist,” while attempting to equate him to a slave master on “the former plantation of John C. Calhoun.” Nobody is buying this race-baiting tripe.


Coach Swinney’s life has been plagued with hardships and he knows firsthand what it’s like to undergo bodily risk as an unpaid wide receiver at Alabama. His alcoholic father and polio-stricken mother didn’t have easy lives of their own. In order to provide for his impoverished family, he had to share a dorm room with his mother. When summer came, he cleaned gutters and worked odd jobs to get by.

In your reference to Dabo, you attempt to discredit a lifetime of struggle based on the color of his skin. Have you heard MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech? In it, he states “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

If, after reading my letter, you find you disagree with me, the majority of your students, and most of the Clemson community, please spare us the continuation of your employment here.

We won’t take your class.


Mitchell Gunter

Civil Engineering

Clemson University


  1. Bob Splahhoney says:

    You’re both idiots. Glad that’s settled.

  2. The last paragraph really embodies your whole article. If you disagree with “us”, don’t go to the press and express an argument, instead leave! This is a push to silence a minority.

    This is quite embarrassing.

    • Nonsense! It’s simply calling him out in his own fascist agenda, and making him live up to his own rules. (IOW, he Alinskyed the professor.) We need more of it.

    • No it isn’t. Her words are merely a statement that know one is listening. At worst, she is simply taking a page from the liberal playbook and running down the bigoted professors throat. It’s good to read there are college students still around that see through the liberal tripe of an afirmative action professor whom sees himself as a perpetual victim.

    • “This is a push to silence a minority.”

      ah yes…when you have nothing intelligent to say play the race-card.

    • Quartermaster says:

      What a hoot. Criticizing a man that has disgraced himself is trying to silence a minority.

      What do you moonbats thin…never mind. You don’t think.

    • No, it is statement explaining that if you despise being apart of community find another community to be a part of. Sounds like common sense not silencing a minority.

  3. Looking to Listen says:

    Why is this an article? Your sole purpose in writing this is to attack the thoughts and ideas of another person, instead of actually addressing the problem both Dabo and Chenjerai were originally discussing. Not only that, it’s clear you didn’t closely read either of their original arguments, or have chosen to deliberately ignore many of their main points. I’m not sure what your end game was here other than a slam piece, but I encourage you to look into and participate in the discussion rather than throwing insults at the participants.

  4. Well said

  5. kevin stonte says:

    Thanks Mitchell for your well written response to this warped “professor”. If this guy is a professor then I’m the POTUS. Martin Luther King Jr. would find this guy to be a fanatic and against the very thing the late Mr. King stood for.

  6. Very well said and I am a Carolina fan to the core. I am also though a fan of the high standards that Dabo has. I also respect how he worked his way to the position he is in now. He is a model for all the underserved childRen I work with.

  7. Pat Caldwell says:

    Well said!

  8. Bravo Mitchell Gunter- You expressed exactly how I and the overwhelming majority of Clemson graduates and supporters feel. Dr. Kumanyika is well advised to take his poorly disguised bigotry elsewhere. Clemson University are you paying attention?

  9. Sam Breazeale says:

    What an idiot. (This writer, not Professor Kumanyika.)

    • Another whiny minority blaming the world for a race’s inability to pull their sh*t together in ANY part of the globe…..and another inner-city white kid that overtly feels shame for them.

      Get over yourself, d-bag.

    • ^’Deep Thoughts’ by your typical liberal.

  10. Austin Powers says:

    Honestly you have some good points but your tone further alienates more moderate people that may see some validity in this professor’s point of view. Why is it that we fight fire with fire? I think that he’s being a jerk to Dabo so I should be a jerk back? You speak of divisive nature of this professor’s rhetoric, well I just want to say that from my prospective, your rhetoric is equally divisive. I feel that you have made the assumption that all people leaning further left than are socialist and also took an unnecessary jab at our current president. Now if you are looking for people who think like you to validate your opinion that’s one thing. However as someone who clearly doesn’t agree with you politically, I’m losing your points in the remarks you make that appear to be in there to validate your political views and make me angry. If you’re trying to convince me of your point, you lost me by insulting some things that I agree with. I was starting to understand and support your assessment of the professor’s character until you did that……

    Out of respect for your opinion and right to state it, I hear your points and I do see validity in some of them. I hope that my opinion is received with the same respect and consideration.

    • Quartermaster says:

      People are tired with whiny PC trashniks that want to blame the world for their problems. “Moderates” are becoming fewer as a result of the advance of the social justice warrior and the nonsense they dispense. A University professor has no business acting as he did and the author is not just well within his rights to criticize that nonsense, but to call for such a man’s ouster. he’s not worthy to stand in front of students after he has disgraced himself in such a manner.

  11. The so-called professor is a typical socialist liberal blowhard. I have no doubt he is far less qualified for any teaching job than my local plumber! Of course he wants more affirmative action, he couldn’t get anywhere without it! He is the poster boy for racism. Isn’t it funny that people like him are always casting accusations against hard working white people and yet the accusations ALWAYS fit their own selves. It runs in the ideology. Losers always accuse good people of being exactly what the losers really are themselves. It is laughable.

  12. Laughable , your campus is racist champ. Read up on Tillman and his thoughts. Lol

    • Rule No. 4 (Leftist Art of Debating)- When unable to refute any statement made by the opposition, insert an “____ism” accusation in to your comment about the person you are speaking with, and walk off.

      Signed: Barrack, Hillary, Saul (terrorist)Alinsky and the Democrat prarty. May the g’ment teet feed you well comrades!

    • Yeah, yeah. Everything is racist. Still riding that broken-down old horse.

    • Only if idiots are a race.

  13. Well spoken, young man! You are an asset to Clemson University. God bless you in your life.

  14. Dabo,
    Was just trying to send a positive message, he is not a martin Luther King scholar, but he admires Martin Luther kings teaching.. As most people do, who are not scholars either.. Just trying to bring PEOPLE together.. The professor is devisive.. But hey, let’s move on and everyday, just try to the kind to anyone around you

  15. You literally sound dumb. This is all pure opinion and have little to no facts behind it. And you just like Dani mis-used MLK’s word. And what he stands for. You also sound like a female sticking up for her boyfriend throughout most of it. Grow some balls bro

    • Of course it’s his opinion. It’s an opinion piece you moron.

    • Quartermaster says:

      He did, and wrote what needed to be said. Too bad you wish to be a social justice warrior instead of a man.

    • You sound like you are in middle school with your inability to connect thoughts. Your comment is not dumb, it is nonsense, If you lack an intelligent point, then keep your mouth shut and you will appear more intelligent.

  16. Very well said, and I am not a football fan or a clemson fan. But I do know about Dabo Sweeney, and I admire him.

  17. Time for Clements to go. Too much leftist liberal political correctness in what is supposed to be an institution of higher learning.

  18. I definitely would NOT want my child anywhere near this idiot!!

    • Good, considering democrats account for about 98% of violent crimes, no one wants your children near them either. Compromise made.

  19. Good Job Mitchell, Call Out the Race Baiters!!
    For Millions of White Americans the Race Issue is OVER!
    This new Fabricated Struggle is just an attempt to continue the Divide that Democrats have mastered for decades!!
    If you are Not Guilty, Say It!!

    • LMAO! I wonder if you see the irony of you saying that “For Millions of White Americans the Race Issue is OVER!” Or better yet, “This new Fabricated Struggle…” AMAZING perspective! I’ll spell it out really simple for you because I can totally be wrong about this, but I have a feeling you’re a part of the “white privilege doesn’t exist” crowd too. If you are indeed white, YOU can say the race issue is over for you, and I can believe that for you, your race does not overtly come into play in your day to day existence. Let’s say that I decide to say “hey for ME the race issue is OVER!” That does not mean that the rest of the world is all of a sudden ok with my race, and I won’t be negatively affected by it. And that point ties into your accusation of a “Fabricated Struggle.” Soooo, I’m a clean cut, black man with a Clemson degree who has NEVER even come close to being arrested…but when I proposed to my white now ex-wife, her parents disowned her, and they and her grandparents refused to attend the wedding. Thus, causing a chain reaction of anxiety disorders and depression in her because who wouldn’t be devastated that the people they’ve loved for 25 years of life all of a sudden say “you’re not my daughter anymore” SOLELY because you committed the unforgivable transgression of marrying a pretty decent, intelligent and loving man that happened to have darker skin.

      Again, YOU and those Millions you speak of have the privilege of being able to declare the race issue over for you because you (if you are indeed a white person) have the unearned fortune of being a member of the majority racial group in this country that has compounded many systematic and sociological advantages for those that fit into that group. Hence, this “white privilege” that you benefit from is why from your perspective, you don’t see a race issue and you believe the struggle is fabricated.

      But the same way I’m able to step outside of my own beliefs and experiences to empathize as to how and why you see things the way that you do, can you extend a fraction of that towards me and the millions of black americans who deal with situations like what I described in that personal story and even far more egregious things on a DAILY basis?

      And Tony, no rational person is saying that every white person is guilty of persecuting black people. But what doesn’t help is when the people who don’t suffer from these injustices say that the people who do are making it up because you don’t personally see it. That would be like if I, as a man, dismissed women when they say they deal with sexism on a daily basis because I don’t see it in my day to day functioning. I would have to be intellectually dishonest or willfully ignorant to not acknowledge that yes, women deal with an unfair amount of sexism and I am the beneficiary of many privileges because I was born with a penis in a largely patriarchal society.

      I welcome your thoughts on what I said.

  20. Very well said. Meanwhile I work my tail off to live paycheck to paycheck and my only friend in this world is a man of color and we would die defending each other. But I get accused of having white privledge. My white privledge consist of working my butt off to take care of people who won’t even look for a job. Peace out I still love all people.

  21. Wonderfully written. Thank you! I cannot imagine why this racist socialist is a professor ANYWHERE. It seems he is dangerous in his teachings. Any way to get rid of him?

    • Quartermaster says:

      They can. The question is do they have the courage to do the right thing? Too many universities have this kind of moron standing in front of students.

  22. This person needs to be fired. He obviously does not like his job or CLEMSON. To make any remark toward or against Dabo Sweeney, they for sure need to be removed. Dabo Sweeney, is wonderful Godly man first and foremost, and great coach. He puts God first in his life and we all need more of that kind of individual.

    • Islam also places religion (and God) first in their lives per Sharia Law. They too denounce science (and education and real intellect, in general), always proselytizing, and, for most part, are hypocrites. So, Evangelicals and Muslims have more in common than most perceive.

      As I recall, Tommy Bowden also grew up in a Christian family, attended church on Sundays after a loss on Saturday (e.g., his dad, an ordained Baptist minister). Nonetheless, Y’all paid him a king’s ransom.

      God Bless America!

      • There is nothing in common b/t Evangelicals and Muslims. One lives under and accepts our constitutional law/g’ment. The other seeks to impose strict religious law and rid the country of all non believers via decapitation or, in the case of gay individuals, throw them off buildings.

  23. Dani Swinney is a man of character! Alabama would be honored to call him coach!

  24. Take a trip over to Sikes Hall… You seem to be thoroughly confused as to what socialism is.

  25. Garrett Scarborough, '07 says:

    Well done.

  26. Proud of you, sir for this letter! Thank you, for being direct in it’s compilation! It seems like you’ve covered everything in it’s entirety! Again, I say, thank you, for your defense of Coach Dabo Sweeney! He’s been through many hardships/trials, without having another one!

  27. Catherine Hinson says:

    When I read his open letter my first thought after my initial shock, was why with all the schools to choose from would he want to work at one he finds to be so lacking and seemingly beneath him? I appreciate a good debate and conversation but it seems that he is only interested in hearing his own voice. Enjoyed your reponse.

  28. In all sincerity, and I mean this with no disrespect. Have you read Dr. Kings “Letter from Birmingham Jail?”

  29. Dear Clemson students, talk about “entitlement”.

  30. Class of 2012 says:

    This letter is just one more thing that I have to show for my disappointment in my alma mater. I’m embarrassed and honestly hope this young man can figure out a way to embrace critical thinking. And possible read up on what it means to cite claims that actually back up your arguments.

  31. Not only do I agree with his students opinion of this professor, I also noted that his student rating is 1.8 out of 5. After reading this professors rant yesterday I can see exactly why they feel that way about him. My rating would have been worse. He is obviously intelligent but not as much so as he appears to think he is. I am really surprised that someone like him he is a professor at Clemson University. I guess they make mistakes too.

  32. i am glad some one finally had the guts to tell the truth,i am not a die-hard Clemson fan but i do support Dabo and his respect for his players and fellow human beings .aprofessor like this should not be allowed to TEACH if you call it that ,at a major university.

  33. Thank you Mitchell for saying all of what so many of us want to say !!

  34. Mark Bedenbaugh says:

    Mitch Gunter, you have saved me the trouble of “sharing my thoughts” with Mr. Kumanyika. You are my new hero.

  35. The young bigot write of this article just exposed themselves

  36. paul luttrell says:

    I didn’t realize, or even imagine, that a major university would, willingly employ this kind of communist inspired race baiter who thinks nothing of broad mis-characterizations of white people to further his own reputation while bemoaning the divisiveness of others. We have come incredibly far in race relations. That is, until January of 2009, when an elected mixed race president, hailed as a uniter, began this slow regression backwards toward racial violence and the attendant disunity he has inspired, encouraging men like this to destroy race relations rather than nurturing and guiding it. Instead, he (Chenjerai) has, seemingly, taken on the role of a latter day Nat Turner whose goal is not unity or reconciliation, but a new civil war.

  37. April Pruitt says:

    Amen! Fire the idiot professor already! He is a waste of space and a blemish to Clemson beauty!

  38. Mitchell-

    As a white woman who graduated from Clemson University in 2011 as an All-American athlete, with good grades, and endless Clemson pride, I find this article just as degrading and attacking as you claim the previous article to be. I compassionately argue that you are not listening to the cries of others, but yet defending a system that you are not even aware you are a part of. I am disappointed and discouraged by your letter and pray that your eyes are opened to see the injustices you are defending.

    • I find this young man incredibly refreshing and brave. The professor is untouchable by your standards. His insults to his students, coaches, fans, taxpayers is your idea of critical thinking. Only truly honest critical thinkers would challenge college professor on every level, every day, on every issue. Any class that requires group think by a self-proclaimed authority is the antithesis of critical thinking.

      Don’t let college professor get away with bullying. Don’t be intimidated into silence. The injustice is that every voice isn’t heard.

    • Injustices like…..????

  39. Lorene Wilson says:

    I think MLK would be ashamed to know his name was associated with this type of talk. He had respect for people.

  40. Outstanding letter and response!

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  42. Young Man, very well written and extremely thought provoking . My son is a sophomore at Clemson and I will highly recommend that he avoid this professor at all cost. Thanks for the insight. As a parent I appreciate you candor.

  43. I’d fire that piece of shit.

  44. Gamecock here. Just know you have support from USC. Good write up. I’ll be reading your articles from now on.

  45. Johnny Johnson says:

    Well said. This Professor is but one of the many racist elites that plaque academia. They sit on their self righteous thrones and tell our children just what a horrible country the United States is as we pay them ever increasing tenured salaries. They don’t teach as much as they indoctrinate students in socialist views with their bully pulpits.
    Hats off to you for finally seeing through this ruse. Now press on with the truth. You shine the light on these cockroaches they will scatter. Ever notice they are always angry at everything? What a miserable way to live.

  46. It just goes to show what you can achieve under the worst life conditions. As for the term Slave, come on these guys played willingly nobody forced them

  47. My expository writing professor at Harvard would have returned your letter with a grade of F. Reason? For the use of the passive verb was (were).

    Just sayin’ y’all.

  48. William Earle Rettew, II, PE (RM2 SS USN 1967-1971 says:

    I am a Clemson alumnus. I graduated in 1973 in civil engineering. I am also a navy veteran having served three years aboard submarines. I found upon leaving Clemson that I was prepared to apply the fundamental principles to problems before me.
    Not all my “mates” have had the opportunities I have
    But that is due to choices we all make. I am grateful for what Clemson means in my life. I am grateful to have served our country. I am thankful we have coaches that teach football but more importantly accountability for very gifted young men that come into the program by choice. Coach Sweeney’s main statement was more about Jesus “the Christ” or “anointed one” than Mr. King. This is the focus of veiled criticism. Go Tigers!

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  50. This young my man should be congratulated for being brave and saying what needs to be said. This professor isn’t helping the situation. How is name calling and face baiting creating unity l?? It is not. It is ok to disagree with another’s opinion but because that person doesn’t agree that doesn’t mean it is because of your skin color. The question that was asked of Dabo was about his “players” no one asked about his “black players”. A man in a position to educate young minds should be ashamed that he’s forcing his hateful idealolog and spewing vitriol about the same university that signs his laychecks. This young man should be applauded. My daughter is a sophomore and if she told me this was her boyfriend I’d be ecstatic. If she told me she had professor hate white people for class I’d be upset. Let’s work on being a melting pot again not a salad bowl. We are Americans. The whole African American thing is insane. What is a white man fromnafrica called? If he said he’s an African American he’d be labeled a racist. That’s how insane this has become. The professor should be fired. For he has selfishly tarnished the name of an amazing institution for his own personal cause. Bravo young man.

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