Anti-Fascist & Alt-Right Propaganda Flyers Appeal to “Whites” for Membership -Kyle Brady

Alt-Right Flyer discovered outside of fike. (Photo Credit: Veronica Mobbs)

On November 2, 2017, a day after alt-right propaganda was discovered by Clemson student Veronica Mobbs taped to the door of Clemson’s Fike Fitness center, flyers were found encouraging “white people” to “support your local Antifa chapter”. Previously, the appeal to “whites” for membership was a tactic primarily used by white nationalists, neo-nazi’s and Alt-righters. It is unknown whether other alt-right flyers were posted on campus. This is the first time on Clemson’s campus that Antifa flyers were posted exclusively targeting “whites” for membership.

Antifa Flyer found by Daniel Hall. (Photo Credit: Alexander Cullen)

Although the party responsible for posting the Alt-right propaganda remains a mystery, a group titled “Upstate Anti-Racist Action” has claimed responsibility for the similarly structured “Anti-fascist” flyer.

In a facebook response to The Tiger Town Observer’s coverage of the flyers, the “Anti-Racist Action” (ARA) group claims that “They [The Tiger Town Observer] were quiet until we responded”, insinuating that the Anti-fascist flyers found were posted as the group’s reaction to the similar Alt-right flyers found the day before.

Some Clemson students have concerns. Alexander Cullen, the Clemson student who discovered the second flyer and Editor in Chief of the Tiger Town Observer claims, “Both flyers appeal to race and group identity. It’s that historical us versus them mentality that’s led to so much conflict and violence”.


Facebook post made by “Upstate ARA,” the group who claimed responsibility for the flyers discovered on Clemson’s Campus on the morning of November 2, 2017.

These flyers are not the first from groups attempting to target “whites” for membership on Clemson’s campus. The KKK routinely attempts to recruit “whites” by posting flyers and other materials in a myriad of different areas around the University.

The Clemson administration has routinely stood in opposition to groups attempting to target “whites” for recruitment to racially charged/radical groups. President Clements in an email to students on August the 25th stated, “expressions of hatred or violence have no place in our campus dialogue”, reaffirming Clemson’s commitment to its “core values of honesty, integrity and respect”.

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