Clemson Administration Withdraws Job Posting: “Associate Director of Rainbow Initiatives” -Alexander Cullen

On July 18th, Campus Reform reported that Clemson University was to hire an “Associate Director for Rainbow Initiatives.” A position which would be in the Gantt Multicultural Center, the job description detailed a managing role in LGBTQA+ campus affairs such as lavender graduation, ally training and serving as the faculty advisor for the Clemson sexuality and gender alliance: CU SAGA. The job description additionally detailed duties in “Space Management.” The associate director would be responsible for providing “a comfortable, safe, accessible resource center for anyone interested in a place to talk, listen, or find support and materials around LGBTQ issues.” This comes after Clemson’s Undergraduate Student Government(CUSG) passed a resolution in the spring semester of this years urging the allocation of a space to LGTBQA+ students for the purpose of resources and community. Now both the position and the space may actually never happen.


The position was announced by Clemson University President’s LGBTQ Commission on July 7th, and it was reported that the job posting was deleted after inquires from Campus Reform. Clemson Director of Media Relations Robin Denny was asked about the space and was reportedly told “no location has been identified for use as a community space for our LGBTQIA+ students at this time.” Mark Land Confirmed the statements saying, “Clemson continues to be a welcoming place that strives to serve the needs of all its students, however, no special space that would serve any particular group of students has been discussed or approved by senior administration.”


When asked to clarify the position’s duty in “Space Management” if no space was currently being sought, he implied that the description section had been an error “I can’t speak to the exact process for producing the job description that you saw, but I have been told that the description is being re-evaluated,” he explained. “There is no specific ‘space management’ component to the role. The individual in this position will serve as a resource for our GLBTQ community but we aren’t considering a specific space for this—or any other single group—at this time.” This wasn’t the understanding of the University LGBTQ Commission.



Statements made by administration seemed to imply the position’s removal from the website was momentary and would be re-posted after fixes were made to the job description.  When the Tiger Town Observer reached out to the Clemson University LGBTQ Commission, Josh Morgan, a representative, told an alternate story. The Commission claimed they were informed that the position had been taken down in order to “reevaluate budgeting as this has to do with moving FTE(Full-time equivalent) positions around in the OIE(Clemson Office of Inclusion and Equity).” Additionally, Josh added that Mark Land’s comments “Surprised” them, and that the administration had apparently informed CUSG and CU SAGA that a space was being considered.


When the Tiger Town Observer reached out to Clemson Media Director, Robin Denny for clarification on the University’s position she replied “The original posting for a position within the Gantt Multicultural Center to provide support services for the university’s LGBTQ community was taken down so that the responsibilities of the role could be further evaluated. Once that has been done, the office will move forward as it feels appropriate.” Whether or not the finalized position will be posted or whether or the space requested by CUSG will be created has yet to be determined.

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