Clemson’s Diversity Training Costs Students and Taxpayers More Than Just a Lot of Money -Zach Talley

Following up on a promise after last year’s Sikes Sit In, Clemson University has unveiled a new employee diversity and inclusivity training program.  Last Spring Clemson University experienced a nine day Sit In which took place on the steps of the main administrative building on Clemson’s Campus- Sikes Hall.  This Sit In was a reaction to a purported racial hate crime. It was later revealed by some Clemson students that Clemson Administrators did not believe this incident to be racially motivated based on testimony from the perpetrators but concealed this information, allowing the rest of campus to believe that it was.  As a result of what was termed the “Sikes Sit In” a number of demands were made by protesting students, faculty, and community members.  Among these was a demand for diversity and inclusivity training for Clemson faculty and staff.  
Clemson University President Jim Clements agreed to capitulate to this and other demands made by the protestors.  And now, on the eve of the anniversary of this protest Clemson University has unveiled this new training.  This new program was developed by Workplace Answers; a service specializing in online workplace compliance training.  Campus Reform has obtained snapshots of the material faculty and staff are “educated” on as well as some of the questions that Clemson employees are required to answer in order to complete the mandatory course.  The Tiger Town Observer has discovered the invoice for Workplace Answers which reveals the cost of this program.  In total, Clemson University spent nearly twenty seven thousand dollars on this material.


As a public University this means that Clemson used taxpayer money as well as student tuition fees to satisfy a protest which was built on false pretenses.  Clemson Administrators allowed the community to believe a racist atrocity had taken place against students and proceeded to use those same student’s money to pay for a service that would likely not have been demanded had it not been for the misperception administrators fueled.
At best, this is an enormous amount of fiscal incompetence.  At worst, it is a demonstration of college administrators placing more value on political correctness than the truth.  Every individual that pays tuition to Clemson and every taxpayer in South Carolina should ask themselves if they’re comfortable with this use of their money. The purpose of a university is to educate its students and to place within them a desire to know and discover truth.  When the leaders of any university decide truth must be sacrificed in order to appease protests and generate good PR then they have ceased to act as leaders of a university and have become the heads of a campus of indoctrination.  As a result of these actions Clemson administrators may very well have cost students much more than twenty seven thousand dollars.