CUSG: Primary Elections Results -Zachary Faria

The CUSG presidential election is set, as Mason Foley and Logan Young will face off against Carey Turner and Connor McCormick.

The primary results were incredibly competitive. Mason and Logan came out ahead with 2,078 votes (37.76%). Carey and Connor received 1,723 votes (31.31%), while Mikey Summers and Shreya Shankar received 1,702 votes (30.93%). This year’s turn out of 5,503 total votes cast beats out last year’s general election turnout of 4,961 votes.

Mason and Logan’s campaign responded to receiving a plurality of the votes in a statement to the TTO, “We are humbled and honored to have won the primary election! We want to say thank you to everyone that has supported us this campaign season.” In regards to the upcoming general election, they added “we are very excited and determined to finish strong.”

The two winning campaigns will face off in the CUSG presidential debate on Tuesday, March 6. It will take place at 6 p.m. in the Strom Thurmond Institute auditorium. The general election will take place on Wednesday, March 7 and will decide which of the remaining candidates will be elected.

Along with the presidential race at the top of the ticket, senate candidates will also be on the ballot. There are 81 senate candidates competing for the remaining 60 seats for the upcoming term. There will also be a student body referendum for a constitutional amendment in the form of SB 45, which reforms the impeachment process. The amendment needs two-thirds of referendum voters to pass after having been passed unanimously by the senate.

Mikey and Shreya’s vote totals and the total number of votes cast were not made available to the public. Both totals were calculated from the known vote totals.

The TTO reached out to the campaigns of Carey and Connor and Mikey and Shreya, but neither responded in time for publication.

CUSG President and Vice President Candidates Mason & Logan:

CUSG President and Vice President Candidates Carey and Connor:

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