Hillary Clinton: A Feminist’s Worst Nightmare -Zach Talley

If you are a proud feminist, specifically on a college campus and you’re considering supporting Hillary Clinton- stop… just stop. If you claim (as most students do) to love authenticity and empathy from your candidates then you cannot support Hillary Clinton. You cannot keep claim any ounce of authenticity if you believe she should be elected city Dogcatcher, let alone president. Everything you believe a real feminist, an authentic feminist should be Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of
Feminism as it is preached in college today should view Hillary as their biggest enemy instead of the poster-child she tries to claim she is. In fact many college students, sympathetic to the causes in third wave feminism have begun to reject Mrs. Clinton and have even started attacking her. This is because they’ve finally been exposed to the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton’s career as it relates to women, specifically young women.
Clinton claims to want to see women succeed, that she can stand up for underrepresented minorities. But the fact is she has mocked, vilified, and ruined women’s lives for decades when it suited her needs. While her husband ran for President in the 90s three different women came out claiming that Bill had sexually assaulted them. They gave stunning details and the logistics of their accounts lined up with the reality of (at the time) Governor Clinton’s schedule and whereabouts. (From the Washington Post, March 14th, 1999)
In a tweet on November 22nd of last year Hillary Clinton said “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported). If she really believes that then she must hate herself for how she handled the accusation of sexual assault committed by her husband in the 90s. She claimed these women were willfully and maliciously making false claims about Bill and that they were intentionally doing this to help the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton, campaigning on standing up to the powerful for the sake of those who have had their voices silenced claimed: “I do believe that this is a battle… The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president”
That right, these three women were co-conspirators trying to take down poor defenseless Bill Clinton.
Imagine college students if something similar to this happened today on our campus. Imagine if three women all made accusations of sexual assault against a popular white male student (an athlete or a prominent student Org leader). All of their stories check out as very plausible and match examples of verified cases. Then imagine the girlfriend of that white male student leader claiming these women are all liars who just want to take her boyfriend down because they don’t like him and want to see him fail. Now imagine that girlfriend running for student body president the year on the platform of standing up for women everywhere. Then imagine her boyfriend campaigning with her telling everyone what a champion she is for the unpopular, everyday students, especially women.
That, in a nutshell, is Hillary’s history with victims of sexual assault with Feminism.
Hillary Clinton would be considered an affront to feminism were her name not Hillary Clinton, especially on college campuses. She has presented herself as a hero for women’s’ rights for decade and as a symbol of progress but the truth is that she has given blow after to blow to the very institutions that she claims to protect and have helped her achieve the success in politics that she has. There are plenty of reasons to support Hillary (I assume, that’s what my Democrat friends keep telling me). However, authenticity, feminism, women’s rights, are not among them.

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