The Third Annual See the Stripes Festival -Cadeshia Benjamin

One of the most ferocious, exotic, and yet graceful animals in the jungle: the tiger. What makes the tiger so interesting one might ask, and the answer that most individuals might give you is, “The stripes”. In the most recent years here at Clemson, there has been a lot of controversy in regards to being a minority here at Clemson. Like always, there are three sides to a story: two opposing forces, and the truth. Here the question of truth becomes the question, “do minority students here at Clemson feel underrepresented on this campus to where we have to create events to feel like a real Clemson family?” Quite simply, yes.


The See The Stripes Festival held its third annual event on Friday, January 26, 2018 in Tillman Hall. The purpose of the festival was to make a point that, while minorities may not see other students that look like them on a day to day basis on campus or in a classroom, they are unique and have something special to bring to the table here at Clemson.

The event included but was not limited to music, dance, step, poetry, and a whole stream of artistic work performed by minority students ranging from African American, Asian, Middle Easterner, and so on. Each participating student was given the opportunity to show off their talent through art, which was greatly received and appreciated by the crowd. A crowd that included students from all different backgrounds. And while some students chose to just sing a song, others played musical instruments while the backdrop behind them explained situations and information relevant to what minorities go through.

In short, it’s important to note that the Graduate Student Government is not just about diversity affairs, but community outreach and professional development also contribute to the pillars of the organization. The point of this festival is not just to bring attention to who minorities are, myself included, but to shed light and understanding into the lives of others that minorities too are capable, talented, brilliant, humble and destined for success. If one never “saw the stripes” before, through the souls of these underrepresented minorities, they would definitely have seen them last Friday night.

All Photo Credits to: Cadeshia Benjamin

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