Clemson YAF’s “Cemetery of the Innocents” Vandalized -Joseph Lord

Image of the Cross display prior to being vandalized, photo courtesy of Campus Reform

Photo taken after discovery of Vandalism, photo by Morgan Bailey

Two decades into the 21st century we have yet to move past petty political vandalism. This was demonstrated clearly Wednesday morning when a yet­ undiscovered political malcontent took it upon himself to destroy Young Americans for Freedom’s “Cemetery of the Innocents.” The Cemetery is part of an ongoing campaign by YAF to “promote awareness for the lives lost to abortion.”


Young Americans for Freedom’s vandalized display materials discovered in Bracket Hall, photo courtesy of Campus Reform

Wednesday morning the table was temporarily left unattended as volunteers for YAF were in class and unable to stand with the table. During this short period, a Clemson student was filmed by university cameras pulling up the display. Responding to the incident, the president Morgan Bailey could only say that “We’re not even surprised that this happened. We’re just disappointed.” Indeed, this is not an isolated incident of political violence on campus. Just this last December, the TTO had magazines ripped out of their stands.

Last year when WeRoar was planning to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to campus, they had flyers for the event ripped down. This most recent instance just demonstrates the growing boldness of the campus left to engage their opponents physically rather than intellectually. Disagreement is a fundamental element of any free society. When people take it upon themselves to commit violent acts against those with whom they disagree, they uproot this
essential tenet. Intelligent debate is the marker of a functioning free society; violent repression of beliefs is the marker of animals. Unfortunately, if the administration’s extremely limited response to these incidences on Clemson’s campus is any indication, no palpable change will come in the near future.

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