The Saddest Spring -Publius

In the first month of 2016, it looks like the Clemson administration is laying a new foundation for the next year by throwing away your money. The approach involves a de-emphasis on the education of undergraduates with larger classes and the admission of more candidates – and a corresponding rise in the cost of college.
Nationally, the College Board reports that the costs of a “moderate” college for an instate student averages $24,000 a year. That estimate more than doubles for out-of-state students, and about forty percent of the student body qualifies for more and more expensive education.
All this means that we have an education cost bubble today: a price that is at least $100,000, and maybe much more than that, for a degree. It would be one thing if this money bought skills for an employer, but look at the liberal arts and humanities courses with classes like” “Gender and Sexuality” in the Philosophy Department, and “Environmental Literature” along with “Feminist Literary Criticism” in the English Department, and you wonder what your money is really buying. We have mushrooming costs for mushy “Politically Correct” classes that don’t have anything to do with mechanics, a job performance or making a living.
The myth persists that a college degree is a ticket to prosperity. It isn’t. A degree now cost 439 percent more than in 1982, and is growing at four times the rate of inflation. Soon the bubble will pop.
The college product is dubious at best. Half the college courses in the United States today are available online, and while Clemson builds more housing it needs to be said that more and more students are staying home. Who can blame them? If you take an undergraduate humanities class today you‘ll get a professor who wants to rename Tillman Hall, enforce “diversity” on you’re and stop capitalism and global warming. College have more administrators than professors, all interested in keeping the students politically correct.
It’s a fun game for now, with football victories and good grades, but the present lifestyle isn’t “Sustainable” – to use a popular college word – for the long run. People won’t keep paying for make-believe degrees and worthless courses.
One thing is sure – remember it.
This summer you will get an email from Clemson, and it will say “costs are going up” and you’ll have to pay more to come back.

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